Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My message to the Palestine Poster Project about the previous post:

Dear PPPA,

I was viewing your web page today, and encountered a poster that you claimed was made by opponents of Israel that likened their behaviour to those of fascists, specifically the Italian fascist Forza Nova party.


 Although you state that the poster's origin and publicist is unknown, I'm sure you've done enough research to know that Fuorza Nuova actually does not support Israel, but is a loyal supporter of the cause of Gaza. In fact it publicised just yesterday a declaration that Israel is terrorist and opens it by saying "Yes, Forza Nuova is an anti-Zionist movement". You can understand it here even if you don't speak Italian:


Are you willing to acknowledge this error, because given the statements of FN leader Roberto Fiore it would seem very odd to place him in the same camp as the Israelis and you are mistakenly disregarding his support for Palestine.

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